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bug #5491: Implement name phrase correctly for misapplied names
feature request #5647: Aggregate misapplied names with multiple sensu references
feature request #5683: loading animation for open layers map viewer
feature request #5697: Show name conserved against as [non xxx]
bug #5492: Doubtful synonyms and misapplied names to be displayed correctly
bug #5289: trying to delete an already deleted object leads to not correctly handled exception
feature request #5346: Allow 3 ways of ordering in Taxon Navigator
feature request #4716: Other dependencies to be updated
feature request #5662: New nomenclatural status nom. cons. des.
Release 4.0 92%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Resolved 0%
Resolved 100%
Closed 100%
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