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bug #8481: NPE when opening feature tree
bug #8484: Exception is swallowed in taxon navigator
feature request #8487: Report results of set publish
feature request #8480: Use DescriptionTypes for matrix descriptions
bug #8482: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Collection is empty in DescriptionType.includesType(
feature request #8485: Add column groups to character matrix
feature request #8486: Indicating doubtful state in navigator and add set-doubtful to Set-Flags menu
feature request #8478: Follow up ticket for update empty name in source handling in TaxEditor
task #8483: Return EnumSets in EnumeratedTermVoc.getGeneralizationOf and similar methods
task #8479: Cdm-2-Cdm import for FauEu
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Release 5.9 89%
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Resolved 40%
Release 5.10 5%
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