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Wolf-Henning Kusber, 08/24/2019 07:18 PM

Registration user guide

This is a draft user guide for the Phycobank registration user interface. The guide covers the roles Curator and Submitter.

Please also read the Phycobank Registration FAQ.

Start a new registration

selecting or creating a new publication record

First: Check, if the publication is already in PhycoBank available. Default is a search by the first author (selected parts of the publication are shown to identify the publication). Clicking "Contains" allows to search for a characteristic part of a publication, such as a scientific name. If the publication is not in PhycoBank available go to "New".

Registration working set editor

changing the status of a registration

Submitter: The only status available for this role are PREPARATION and CURATION. As long as the registration with the scientific name and type designations is being edited and modified by the submitter, the registration is in PREPARATION. Once the editing process is completed. The submitter will set the status to CURATION in order to pass the data set to the curatorial process. The curator is now responsible for further state changes.

Curator: For curators all status are available but the selection of the available status is limited to guarantee a directed and clear workflow.
Only states which make sense for the next step in the workflow are allowed.

The possible transitions are:

Current status Next allowed status

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