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Registration FAQ

User: How I can register to PhycoBank?
PhycoBank: Simply write an e-mail to Please enter user name and password only at the user interface for data entry at:!regStart

User: Why "Registration" and "PasswordRecovery" at:!regStart is not enabled in my browser?
PhycoBank: Because this functionality is being developed and will be available later in 2020. Until then: see above.

User: I want to describe a new species. When it should be registered?
PhycoBank: Start a registration once your manuscript has been submitted.

User: The reference is not complete as long as it is not published. What shall I do?
PhycoBank: Enter the tentative reference, reference and reference details can be adjusted later. If you change title, authors, journal within the review- or proofreading, please correct the reference entry. Do not enter a new reference to prevent duplicates.

User: Is it possible to get an identifier for a new taxon, I want to describe?
PhycoBank: To avoid mistakes, a unique identifier is only generated once a registration is saved within the PhycoBank database.

User: Why PhycoBank uses http-links as identifiers? Is this wise as databases might change their URLs after some years?
PhycoBank: PhycoBank uses stable identifers for nomenclatural acts. Advantages are the linkage to the database entry and a good usability, in contrast to UUIDs that are used in the background.

User: Shall I cite the identifier in my paper?
PhycoBank: Yes please; this ensures a cross-link between an electronic publication and PhycoBank (if the doi has been entered in PhycoBank)

User: I am done with the data entry, what is the next step?
PhycoBank: If you are ready with data entry, hand over the dataset to the curation, PhycoBank will finalise the record according to the published paper and make it visible on PhycoBank.

I know a specific scientific name is in the system but can not find it.

There are two ways of finding names:

  1. Names which are already used in a Registration can be found via the list function
  2. Names which are nor yet registered can only be found when your are about to create a new registration for this name in the Registration workingset Editor :

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