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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
8348 task Closed Highest Export of Authors (Persons) as csv Andreas Kohlbecker Workflow
8049 task Closed Highest Blocking registration policy Wolf-Henning Kusber Workflow
7556 task Closed New PhycoBank Caveats - nomenclatural evaluation Wolf-Henning Kusber Workflow
7536 task Rejected Highest DNS entry for and new ssl certificate for edit-community Andreas Kohlbecker phycobank
7532 task Closed New Final creation of Registrations for the production database Andreas Kohlbecker Registry prototype available Import
7298 task Rejected New Associate TaxonNames with higher ranks 'keyword' taxa Wolf-Henning Kusber Model
7185 task Closed New Phycobank Playday preparation Andreas Kohlbecker
6944 task Closed Highest Scheme for persistent name identifiers Andreas Kohlbecker Registry prototype available Model
6739 task Closed Highest How to treat unpublished images and published images as types in the cdm model Andreas Kohlbecker Registry prototype available Model
6621 task Closed New Create Registration entities for all IAPT registrations relevant to phycology Andreas Kohlbecker Registry prototype available Import
6610 task Rejected New The according pyhcobcankID should be used as nameInSourceID for each name registered Andreas Kohlbecker Registry prototype available Model
6593 task Closed New decide on identifier type Andreas Kohlbecker Model identifier
6513 task Rejected Highest RegistrationWorkingSet to be modeled explicitely? Andreas Kohlbecker phycobank
6294 task Closed Highest remove punctuation marks from end of Locality language strings Andreas Kohlbecker Import
6279 task Closed Highest remove all 'nom. val' status from name Wolf-Henning Kusber Phycobank data showcase Import
6277 task Closed Highest use nomenclatural reference as sec. references instead of IAPT Andreas Kohlbecker Phycobank data showcase Import
6173 task Closed New Concept for a useful algae registry taxon classification Andreas Kohlbecker Model
6172 task Duplicate New Higher Rank Wolf-Henning Kusber
6171 task Duplicate New Higher Rank Wolf-Henning Kusber
6168 task Closed New Full registration workflow model Wolf-Henning Kusber Technical planning completed Workflow
6096 task Closed Priority08 Check duplicate name registrations in the original IAPT data Wolf-Henning Kusber Finalize IAPT import Import
6093 task Closed Highest Algen in 'Incertae sedis' & 'No group assigned' Andreas Kohlbecker IAPT Import ready Import
6091 task Closed Priority14 Versionierung von Records (workflow draft ticket) Andreas Kohlbecker Workflow versionierung
6044 task Closed New cdm model changes/entensions for algea registry Andreas Kohlbecker Technical planning completed Model
6034 task Closed New DataCleaning after final import Import
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