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task #6013: Abgleich von Algennamen mit externen Quellen
task #6014: Use cdmlib validation framework for algae names
task #6015: Assemble ICN rules special for algae names
task #6092: Ilustration in algal descriptions
task #6171: Higher Rank
task #6172: Higher Rank
task #6034: DataCleaning after final import
task #6294: remove punctuation marks from end of Locality language strings
task #6091: Versionierung von Records (workflow draft ticket)
feature request #6123: Handling of image references
task #8515: Remaining registation UI tasks
task #6167: Strategy to avoid locking of names
task #6173: Concept for a useful algae registry taxon classification
task #6505: Check if type names have never been used as type name before
task #6506: Check if a genus has been used before in botany and zoology
bug #6508: Rule: All TypeDesignations of a Registration must share the same citation and citationMicroreference
task #6513: RegistrationWorkingSet to be modeled explicitely?
task #6593: decide on identifier type
bug #7014: Support for ORCID person ids in phycobank
bug #7177: Fix protectedTitleCache for Agents which have no data except the cache
task #7192: DwC-A of phycobank names for GBIF
task #7185: Phycobank Playday preparation
task #7298: Associate TaxonNames with higher ranks 'keyword' taxa
feature request #7398: Type name designation editor - handling of types
feature request #7400: Handling orthographic variants in PhycoBank
task #7536: DNS entry for and new ssl certificate for edit-community
task #7556: PhycoBank Caveats - nomenclatural evaluation
task #7684: meaning of status rejected and according workflow
task #7812: Umgang mit invaliden höheren Taxonnamen für die Klassifikation
task #7891: deduplicate names
task #8049: Blocking registration policy
task #8102: typedsignations without status
feature request #8103: Feedback mechanism from curator to publisher and author team
task #8348: Export of Authors (Persons) as csv
feature request #8356: Algae Names Index - implementation
task #8361: release portal vs. test portal
task #8397: Algae Names Index - presentation
task #8514: remove all PhycoBank redmine instances
task #6009: Import the IAPT database into a cdm instance
task #6018: Diatomeen-Namensbestand in IAPT Registrierung prüfen
task #6093: Algen in 'Incertae sedis' & 'No group assigned'
task #6010: Compare data models
task #6012: Kompatibility Check with GNA
task #6168: Full registration workflow model
report #6193: specimen and name type types in the registration system
task #6044: cdm model changes/entensions for algea registry
report #6594: Nomenclatural Acts: 4 verschiedene, wofür steht ein Identifier?
task #6277: use nomenclatural reference as sec. references instead of IAPT
task #6279: remove all 'nom. val' status from name
bug #6069: DataPortal for Registry
task #6011: Identifier-Workflow
feature request #6027: NameInSource should be labeled as Authors spelling in the UI
bug #6185: prevent from erroneous author or reference changes
task #6610: The according pyhcobcankID should be used as nameInSourceID for each name registered
bug #6611: PopupEditor for Registration records
task #6621: Create Registration entities for all IAPT registrations relevant to phycology
feature request #6169: Algae Registry web-application
task #6739: How to treat unpublished images and published images as types in the cdm model
task #6944: Scheme for persistent name identifiers
task #7532: Final creation of Registrations for the production database
feature request #6868: Manage annotations and all Submitter-Curator communication in Ticktsystem (redmine)
task #7012: Workflow with Pensoft
task #7748: Genus name duplicates, Genus without reference
task #7808: Further name duplicates
task #8085: Decide on a data schema to use for submitting nomenclatural acts to the cdm web service
task #6033: Widersprüchliche in Daten FullName <> AuthorString
task #6096: Check duplicate name registrations in the original IAPT data
Closed 100%
IAPT Import ready 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Technical planning completed 100%
Closed 0%
Closed 100%
Closed 50%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 0%
Phycobank data showcase 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Registry prototype available 100%
Closed 100%
Rejected 0%
Closed 100%
Rejected 0%
Closed 100%
Closed 0%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Closed 100%
Registry released 100%
Duplicate 100%
Digital publisher workflow concept 0%
In Progress 0%
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