From 08/05/2019 to 09/03/2019


04:40 PM task #6091 (Closed): Versionierung von Records (workflow draft ticket)
versioning has been rejected and the timeline view would be something to be implemented in future and is not essentia... Andreas Kohlbecker
04:37 PM bug #6185 (Closed): prevent from erroneous author or reference changes
there have been no problems during the pas year, so we can be confident the the implementation is working as expected Andreas Kohlbecker
04:28 PM feature request #6169 (Closed): Algae Registry web-application
remaining tasks copied to #8515 and closing this issue Andreas Kohlbecker
04:28 PM task #8515 (New): Remaining registation UI tasks
This is an overview on some tasks which still need to be done for the registration UI
* User self registration #6...
Andreas Kohlbecker
04:24 PM task #7536 (Rejected): DNS entry for and new ssl certificate for edit-community
no longer needed since the redmine based messenger solution has been rejected. Andreas Kohlbecker
04:19 PM report #6193 (Closed): specimen and name type types in the registration system
I think this is 100% completed now Andreas Kohlbecker
04:16 PM task #6168 (Closed): Full registration workflow model
Andreas Kohlbecker

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