From 04/29/2019 to 05/28/2019


01:38 PM task #6091: Versionierung von Records (workflow draft ticket)
**Note:** We could implement a timeline view of the changes recorded in the audittables for the popup edit Andreas Kohlbecker
01:34 PM feature request #8103 (Rejected): Feedback mechanism from curator to publisher and author team
we don't expect the digital publishers to respond on such curatorial annotations. So implementing such a mechanism is... Andreas Kohlbecker
01:32 PM task #8049 (Closed): Blocking registration policy
this is implemented Andreas Kohlbecker
01:31 PM task #7556 (Closed): PhycoBank Caveats - nomenclatural evaluation
implemented in the vaadin ui. The nomenclatural status can be edited #8193 Andreas Kohlbecker
01:23 PM task #6011 (Closed): Identifier-Workflow
done, for results see #7012 Andreas Kohlbecker
01:13 PM feature request #7398 (Closed): Type name designation editor - handling of types
this is implemented Andreas Kohlbecker
01:01 PM feature request #6027 (Rejected): NameInSource should be labeled as Authors spelling in the UI
we are using the name relationship orth. var for this purpose Andreas Kohlbecker
12:59 PM bug #6611 (Closed): PopupEditor for Registration records
done Andreas Kohlbecker
12:59 PM task #6173 (Closed): Concept for a useful algae registry taxon classification
completed Andreas Kohlbecker
12:58 PM task #6044 (Closed): cdm model changes/entensions for algea registry
completed Andreas Kohlbecker
12:56 PM task #6610 (Rejected): The according pyhcobcankID should be used as nameInSourceID for each name registered
Andreas Kohlbecker
12:55 PM task #6944 (Closed): Scheme for persistent name identifiers
completed Andreas Kohlbecker
12:55 PM bug #6069 (Closed): DataPortal for Registry
complete, fossil task copied to new ticket Andreas Kohlbecker
11:43 AM task #7185 (Closed): Phycobank Playday preparation
this playday is over Andreas Kohlbecker
11:33 AM task #6739 (Closed): How to treat unpublished images and published images as types in the cdm model
Voll implementiert und gestestet im vaadin ui Andreas Kohlbecker

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