From 08/14/2017 to 09/12/2017


02:52 PM task #6621 (Closed): Create Registration entities for all IAPT registrations relevant to phycology
This has implemented with the `RegistrationRequiredDataInserter` which creates Registration entities on applicaton st... Andreas Kohlbecker
09:59 AM task #6034 (Closed): DataCleaning after final import
Hallo Henning, ich denke wir können dieses Ticket nun schließen da wir keine weiteren importe mehr laufen lassen werd... Andreas Kohlbecker
09:56 AM task #6009 (Closed): Import the IAPT database into a cdm instance
We will no longer work on the import to improve data quality, so this issue can be closed. Andreas Kohlbecker

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