From 11/02/2016 to 12/01/2016


01:10 PM report #6193 (Closed): specimen and name type types in the registration system
What types are needed in the registration system?
Which types can apear together, whichs types are related to each o...
Wolf-Henning Kusber


04:38 PM task #6168: Full registration workflow model
Adding subprocess for editing existing records by data curation to workflow diagram Andreas Kohlbecker
03:14 PM bug #6185 (Closed): prevent from erroneous author or reference changes
authors and references can be shared by multiple taxon names. Changing an author will thus modify all names that are ... Andreas Kohlbecker


08:01 PM task #6167: Strategy to avoid locking of names
Hauptproblem dürfte die lange Laufzeit von manchen Manuskripten und Buchproduktionen sein.
Bei der Eingabe VOR der...
Wolf-Henning Kusber
06:39 PM task #6092: Ilustration in algal descriptions
Ergebnis der Diskussion:
Abbildungszitate, die der Seitennummer im RefDetail folgen werden "normal" ein- und ausge...
Wolf-Henning Kusber
06:13 PM task #6092: Ilustration in algal descriptions
Wolf-Henning Kusber wrote:
> Anmerkung: Die validierende Abbildung sollte aus dem Holotypus kommen, muss aber nicht ...
Wolf-Henning Kusber
02:57 PM task #6091: Versionierung von Records (workflow draft ticket)
Nun sollten diese 'Regeln' in das Workflow dokument übertragen werden. Andreas Kohlbecker
02:47 PM task #6012 (Closed): Kompatibility Check with GNA
We are for sure compatible since the cdm already has a DwC-A export which can be consumed by GNA services. Potentiall... Andreas Kohlbecker
02:40 PM task #6171 (Duplicate): Higher Rank
Andreas Kohlbecker
02:35 PM task #6096: Check duplicate name registrations in the original IAPT data
No algae affected, thus only important for IAPT Andreas Kohlbecker
02:32 PM task #6033: Widersprüchliche in Daten FullName <> AuthorString
only important for IAPT not for registry and thus never needed. Andreas Kohlbecker

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