From 09/29/2016 to 10/28/2016


03:05 PM task #6033 (In Progress): Widersprüchliche in Daten FullName <> AuthorString
Clean the data after the import Andreas Kohlbecker
03:04 PM task #6033: Widersprüchliche in Daten FullName <> AuthorString
OK, so it is safe to fix the inconsistencies after the finals import.
The names to be fixed to not affect the regist...
Andreas Kohlbecker
02:56 PM task #6033: Widersprüchliche in Daten FullName <> AuthorString
Offensichtlich ist der FullName (Spalte C Excel) nicht aus NameString (spalte M) und AuthorString (Spalte P) zusammen... Wolf-Henning Kusber
02:54 PM task #6018 (Closed): Diatomeen-Namensbestand in IAPT Registrierung prüfen
Henning confirms this is ready Andreas Kohlbecker
11:27 AM task #6010: Compare data models
Complexity is due to the the revisioning and track of all changes (what, when, whom).
The data model is unknown. A...
Wolf-Henning Kusber
09:58 AM feature request #6169 (Closed): Algae Registry web-application
The Algea Registry web-application will be based on Vaadin.
Features to be implemented:
* User self registratio...
Andreas Kohlbecker


02:21 PM task #6012 (Feedback): Kompatibility Check with GNA
Hi Henning,
Do we really need to do that compatibility check? We will base the registry on the CDM. The cdm model ...
Andreas Kohlbecker
12:40 PM task #6012 (In Progress): Kompatibility Check with GNA
Andreas Kohlbecker
11:06 AM task #6044 (In Progress): cdm model changes/entensions for algea registry
Andreas Kohlbecker
11:05 AM task #6168: Full registration workflow model
Latest version of the BPMN model added. Andreas Kohlbecker
11:02 AM task #6168 (Closed): Full registration workflow model
Model the full registration workflow.
* An excellent BPMN Documentation is found at:
Andreas Kohlbecker
10:13 AM task #6018 (Resolved): Diatomeen-Namensbestand in IAPT Registrierung prüfen
Hallo Henning,
ich denke diese Aufgabe hier ist komplett abgeschlossen und wir können das Ticket schließen. Oder i...
Andreas Kohlbecker


09:13 PM task #6091 (Feedback): Versionierung von Records (workflow draft ticket)
> Solange ein Record noch nicht publiziert ist, könnte der Record mit 0.1, 0.2 versioniert werden (es ist die Frage, ... Andreas Kohlbecker
08:55 PM task #6167 (In Progress): Strategy to avoid locking of names
Es steht zu befürchten dass Autoren sich Namen dadurch reservieren (locken), dass diese in der Registry als '*prospec... Andreas Kohlbecker


06:32 PM feature request #6123 (New): Handling of image references
Normally (in higher plants) the Scientific name plus full reference and detail, includes the page only,
e.g. Bellis ...
Wolf-Henning Kusber

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