bug #9800

Updated by Katja Luther 6 months ago

* implement the details view again to be able to edit some more advanced data like the modifiers. This worked in earlier versions but was removed by PP when implementing a faster version. As we already handle some DTOs in details view I don't think it should be tooo difficult to reenable it.( #9799) 
 * Improve performance for loading DDS (RowWrapperDTO) (#9842) 
 * the color of the field where a default description exists, changes (of the color) are only visible after restart of the matrix 
 * newly created taxon descriptions sometimes show up in a separate subtree.(maybe this belongs to #9015) 
 * ~~the "open in ..." context menu is missing~~ v5.9 
 * taxon navigator should react on a selected taxon if the "mit Taxon verknüpfen" button is checked in taxon naviator. 
 * id/uuid of row objects (taxon, specimen) should be displayed ( Either in the row at the end (like the bulkeditor) or in the supplementatl data view.) 
 * ~~menu items "hide column"/"show all columns" are doubled after aggregation~~ v5.9 
 * allow opening only a subtree (#9841) 
 * ~~correct correct handling of enabled and disabled fields in quantitative data dialog.~~ v5.9 dialog. 

 See also the matrix tag for all open matrix related issues.