task #9364

Updated by Andreas Müller over 2 years ago

In context of #2200 I already checked names with >1 "&" in nameCache. These are cleanedup. 
 But there are open issues with TeamOrPerson.nomenclaturalTitle: 

 Campanula: 43 
 Diptera: 77 
 FdAC: 92 
 Palmae: 266 ! 

 Guianas: 3(?) 
 FM:    59(?)  

 SELECT ab.DTYPE,, ab.titleCache, ab.nomenclaturaltitle, ab.protectedtitlecache, ab.protectednomenclaturaltitlecache 
 FROM AgentBase ab 
 WHERE ab.nomenclaturaltitle LIKE '%&%&%' OR ab.titleCache LIKE '%&%&%'; 

 In some databases there are many names with protected caches which may lead to problems when searching for names. 

 SELECT, tn.titleCache, tn.nameCache, tn.protectedTitleCache, tn.protectedNameCache, tn.protectedFullTitleCache, tn.protectedAuthorshipCache , tn.* 
 FROM TaxonName tn 
 WHERE tn.protectednamecache = 1 OR tn.protectedtitlecache = 1 OR tn.protectedFullTitleCache = 1 OR tn.protectedAuthorshipCache ; 

 Especially interesting might be those having an "&" in the protected nameCache which indicates that there is authorship in the nameCache which should not happen. 

 In context of #2200 I already checked names with >1 "&" in nameCache. These are cleanup (except for xxx). 

 Also many Teams have a protected nomenclatural title which is in most cases not necessary. 

 SELECT, ab.DTYPE, ab.titleCache, ab.nomenclaturaltitle, ab.protectedtitlecache, ab.protectednomenclaturaltitlecache, ab.* 
 FROM AgentBase ab 
 -- ab.protectedtitlecache = 1 OR 
  ab.protectednomenclaturaltitlecache = 1 
 ORDER BY ab.nomenclaturaltitle 

 However, in most cases this is not critical.