bug #8785

Updated by Andreas Müller over 2 years ago

The issue is described in #8784 but I created a new ticket as it is as deleting a specimen description (which is handled in #8784) and removing it from the dataset (but not deleting it from the specimen) are 2 different issues. 

 Another issue we should handle in this ticket is to keep the changes until the user saves the character matrix.  
 Therefore we need following adaptions: 

 * ~~SpecimenRowWrapperDTO should be a real Dto without complete cdm entities (at the moment fieldunit and specimen are real cdm entities)~~ this is implemented now 
 * ~~create the specimenRowWrapperDto on editor side and save when the user clicks save.~~ this is implemented as well 
 * move functionality of "aggregate" and "create polytomous key" to the context menu and remove the buttons