bug #8784

Updated by Andreas Müller 3 months ago

Currently it seems to be impossible to delete a specimen description.

In the specimen LIST editor specimen descriptions are not shown (for good reasons).

In the specimen TREE editor I tried to delete a description but with no effect. First I tried to delete a specimen description which is referenced by a descriptive data set and I thought that the reason for "no effect" was that the description was still referenced. But also after creating a completely new, empty and unreferenced description it was not possible to delete it.

Also I tried to remove a description from a descriptive data set but there was not possibility to remove it (#8785, not really true, see #8785#note-7 und #8785#note-8).

The "occurrence" I used for testing tried this to do with was the field unit for tissue sample B GT 0023421 from caryophyllales_spp. So this is a test case.

Also after fixing this ticket please remove the both specimen descriptions from the field unit (as it is in production). Please do the same for the field unit of B GT 0023392 which also has an empty description referenced by the now invalid dataset "INVALID: Korotkova Cactaceae Morphology"


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