feature request #8476

Updated by Patrick Plitzner 4 months ago

Often term collections are meant to be a flat list or set without hierarchical dependencies. For these collections there is the new flag "isFlat" now. This should be used in the TaxEditor.

1. ~~Make Make the flag editable~~ editable
2. If an existing collection already has a hierarchy disable editing of the flag (to avoid that someone sets the flag to true but still there is a hierarchy). Maybe we should also have this as a validation rule that this is not possible to save.
3. If isFlat=true no addChild menu should exist anymore.
4. Drag&Drop should behave accordingly
5. The New... menu to create new Term collection should have an alternative to create a flat "tree"/collection.
6. Default should be a hierarchical collection.

This is strongly related to #8474


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