bug #8615

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker about 1 year ago

data base: WS1:carypophyllales_demo_01

The distribution editor is not available in the context menu:


even if enabled in the server side prefs with permission to override locally


the local prefs:


Overriding the server-side setting with "enabled" lets the menu entry show up:


this creates the following **commented** lines in the `~/.cdmLibrary/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings/

//distribution.editor.activated_OVERRIDE__edit-WS\ I/caryophyllales_demo_01=true
//distribution.editor.activated_edit-WS\ I/caryophyllales_demo_01=true

switching back to "default" does not reproduce the original effect

this removes this line:

//distribution.editor.activated_OVERRIDE__edit-WS\ I/caryophyllales_demo_01=true

removing the second line does reproduce the effect, To actually see the effect the editor must be restarted

//distribution.editor.activated_edit-WS\ I/caryophyllales_demo_02=true


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