feature request #5855

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker over 1 year ago

'non names' are treated specially, see #5697

* the current implementation is only for "non" names. At the same time many of the available name relationship types will never be displayed by "non". E.g. alternative names, orthographic variants, basionyms, replaced synonyms, validated by, later validated by, etc.. If this section is meant ONLY for "non" names we should remove these from the list as they are misleading.

* the data portal admin section should give some short explanation that it handles the "non" name relationships, not name relationships in general. E.g "Name relationships shown as "Aus bus (non Aus cus)" or some better name parts.

* if we keep the hard coded version with only one direction we should rename "is blocking name for" to "is blocked by". This is consistent with the other relationships where the right part ("to part") of the relationship is shown behind the "non" while the left part ("from part") is shown in front

* as mentioned above we could allow selecting directions, but maybe we should wait with it until there is an explicit requirement for this

(split off from #5697)


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