bug #8233

Updated by Patrick Plitzner 5 months ago

remaining issues from #6413:

* ~~We should change order, first collection, then accession number.~~
* Also the status are not sorted. Order should be same as in details view but on top and preselected should be the most probable status (see "note on available status" in description of this ticket).
* After selecting the collection it would be a very helpful feature to show already existing specimen candidates for this collection. One can then choose either to use one of theses candidates or to create a new one by entering an explict accession number. If we don't do this now we should do it soon as it will prevent from creating unwanted duplicates.
* ~~Have Have we on purpose decided to only show accession number? Shouldn't we also allow barcode and/or catalogue number? Otherwise e.g. for B it will create kind of dirty data which needs to be cleaned up afterwards.~~ afterwards.
* ~~Any kind of accession number should not be required as sometimes such a number does not exist, but only collection and status.~~
* ~~If I enter a type designation and then add a duplicate without saving in between the first type designation gets lost. Maybe related to #8225?~~ -- The user is now asked to save before cloning
* If 2 existing type designations have the same field unit they should not be listed both in the "base type" list IMO. In general to me it looks like the base type list should contain field units not specimen or it there a specific reason for using specimen?


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