feature request #8030

Updated by Andreas Müller 4 months ago

copied from #7874

Generally at the moment I do not fully understand how far we need the lines after line 439. The call


is not really required I think as the entities all belong to the session already. If not, are the .getTitleCache or .getAbbrevTitleCace calls important here? Or can we completely delete this part. If not I wonder why the calls are alternative, e.g. if olcTitleCache <> newTitleCache the entity instanceof Team part is not called anymore. Is this on purpose?

Also the whole method is only called if entity.isProtectedTitleCache() == false which might be unwanted e.g. for Teams. If the titleCache is protected but nomenclaturalTitleCache is not protected we may still want to update it.

Generally we need to refactor this part and move away the specific class handling from IdentifiableServiceBase (e.g. we could move the update routines to the model classes as the knowledge about the model classes is best here)


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