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Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker almost 2 years ago

for easier distribution of the cdm-server it would be advantageous to package the cdm-server into a docker container.

Docker doc:

* [Dockerfile reference](
* [Docker Getting Startet](
* [Bind mounts](
* [Docker Compose](
* [Compose File Reference#restart](

Potentially useful information:

* [DZone - Java Inside Docker: What You Must Know to Not FAIL](
* [DZone - JVM Advent Calendar: Docker and the JVM](

On creating docker containers with maven:


The [fabric8io/docker-maven-plugin]( seems to the the most mature and suitable plugin.

On configuring containers and images via ENV and ARGS, etc:

On running a container as a system service, restart policies etc.

* : A) --restart flag when using the docker run command B) --live-restore flag of the dockerd command, C) Use a process manager

==> we should use

docker run -dit --restart unless-stopped

* -d, --detach : Run container in background and print container ID
* -i, --interactive: Keep STDIN open even if not attached
* -t, --tty: Allocate a pseudo-TTY

* --restart unless-stopped: Restart the container unless it is explicitly stopped or Docker itself is stopped or restarted.

## Deployment


**Organization for the EDIT Platform:**

* organization name: cybertaxonomy
* owners:
* kohlbecker
* repository: cdm-server
* team : editdev
* members (so far): kohlbecker

The cdm-server image is available from


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