feature request #7899

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker over 1 year ago

Subject: validly published names are in (up to) 10% not correctly formed according to the rules of the ICN. Such names "are to be corrected", that means, they are wrongly published but in every publication the name has to be changed.
Published: Mastogloia wulffii
To be corrected to: Mastogloia wulffiae
[In print publications names would be used as "Mastogloia wulffii" or "Mastogloia wulffiae" or "Mastogloia 'wulffii'wulffiae"]

PhycoBank could copy most elements of validation for Vaadin.
Insert field with clickbox "with orthographic validation"
Analoguous to the Validation part of the form, a correction part is opened
Instead of "Validation" it is called "Orthographic correction"
Instead of "Validated name" it is called "orthraphical corrected name"
Namefield stays, Reference [to select ICN] stays, Reference detail stays, Rule considered stays.
Main differences:
(i) the corrected name is already valid [in contrast to the validated name]
(ii) Ref. & Ref.Detail is the same
(iii) The name relation is not validation, but "has orthograph variant", the corrected name is "original spelling" (orthographic variant) for the first one. Correct name relation according to ICN and CDM to be discussed.

Advantages: Name correction is no formal act, is no registration by its own. If (a) a name was published with an orthographic error AND (b) it was published in PDF or online with http Identifier, it is directly linkted to the record wich includes both names. There is a justification of the name change.

Disadvantages: An additional Field/check box makes the system more complicated, it is not self-explaining.



Further improvements in answer to the problems pointed out in comment 7 and before (#7899#note-7):

* in the Editor for incorrect names: hide, disable the option "Orthographic correction" - **DONE**
* A) ~~when when creating a weakly related higher name (genus for incorrect species, genus or species for incorrect subspecies)~~ subspecies)
* ~~Editor Editor should not offer the nomenclatural reference field since the nom.-ref of the higher name is unknown~~ unknown
* ~~a a blocking registration must not be created~~ created
* B) start the editor without `VALIDATE_AGAINST_HIGHER_NAME_PART` mode ==> **Preferred solution** - **DONE**
* All incorrect names with be tagged with a marker of the type "Incorrect name" - **TODO**


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