bug #7900

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker 9 months ago

Adding a new name to the registration workingset *Kulikovskiy, M., Lange-Bertalot, H., Metzeltin, D. & al. - Lake Baikal: Hotspot of endemic diatoms I. in Taxonomy - biogeography - diversity. 23.* (!workingset/5d29277e-a527-4a26-8685-1a7a6cb2e3de) fails on the production server due to excessive heap consuptions after pressing the save button in the name editor.

The problem happens after the name is saved during the reloading of the workingset:


A differential comparison of the heap before and during the reloading of the workingset shows that especially the amount `Team` objects is increasing excessively.

**1 minute after saving +25.000 Team objects**


**3 minutes after saving +109.000 Team objects**


Comparing the objects in memory from 3 minutes and 1 minute after saving reveals that **only the amount of Team objects is increasing that much!**



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