feature request #7793

Updated by Katja Luther about 1 year ago

Following issues should be solved for E+M migration:

start perspective with reduced number of windows, media is not needed for E+M (maybe adapt checklist perspective for E+M)


* MAN show only sensu reference, doubtful informations, remove err. sec and details
* PP remove rel sec, and details
* Namedetails: remove nomenclatural code, LSID, sec reference details, protoloques, typeddesignations - mostly already available, check for each element
* Sec reference disabled (only for Accepted and Synonyms, not concept relations)

NameRelations (see#7809)

* both directions should be available
* the scientific name should be italics (more visible) or another posibility could be to use it as label for the type combobox, then it can be read as "Abies alba is homonym of ..."
* we should have a formater like for concept relations (=> AM)


* ~~add add menu items for setting of excluded or unplaced ~~unplaced flag~~
* for E+M taxonNode wizard completely disabled
* ~~import export menu items disabled~~


* rename original name to original information
* remove ID in Source, ID namespace
* external link type label should be only "type"

Factual data

* reorder the menu: "new" at the top, "Move facual data" should be only available when description base is selected
* ~~check the mouse over labels!~~
* ~~rename all description elements with fact~~
* ~~distribution selection should work on vocabularies defined in DB preference~~
* ~~selectable distribution status should be DB preference~~

Distribution Editor

* ~~it is not an experimental feature~~
* open for more then one subtree
* ~~fix details view for selected distribution~~
* ~~locally it should be possible to select areas from the in DB preference defined areas~~
* ~~sometimes not all selected areas are shown~~
* remove factual data view, wenn opening distribution editor
* ~~show supplemental data~~
* ~~fix rank display~~
* preference column labels can be idInVocabulary, symbol1 or symbol2


* ~~DB preference to make all Specimen functionality/menu items invisible~~


* DB preference to make all functionality related to multiple classification and reuse taxon support unavailable (except for reusing taxa for MAN/ppSyns)


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