task #7798

Updated by Andreas Müller about 2 years ago

For occurrence sources and maybe also for common names and facts.


1. case: freetext exists parallel to link => if nameCache or fullnameCache are exactly equal then neglect freetext, otherwise store it parallel to name link; a list has been sent to ERS to clean up these cases (see #7798#note-4)
1. freetext is only name

a. name can not be found for any Name.nameCache => we could create new TaxonName for this, but will not as it polutes the DB, we better try to clean up theses cases over time (see #7798#note-6)
b. >1 name is mentioned, separated by '/'. We better clone these sources (now or later)
c. a name exists in DB, we try to find the best matching name by first searching in the synonymy and, if not exists use the single matching name, if >1 matching names exists, log the case and use the first matching name (prefer name without author)

open issues:

* test code
* test for facts and common names


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