feature request #7705

Updated by Andreas Müller almost 2 years ago

We need i18n support for Media title and description if i18n support is switched on in preferences.

Also we to edit the title, not the titleCache. It looks like editing the UI field "Title" currently sets the titleCache and sets it to protected. Better it should set the title and the titleCache field is then automatically set and only shown in the section label.

Additionally, an explicit titleCache field (as implemented at other places) should be available but hidden by default. Via preferences you may switch it on (or maybe also by using the advanced Media view).

However, this may create problems with existing data as many of them do have a protected titleCache only and no title set. For these cases we may want to show the titleCache field if hideen according to preferences. Otherwise users may not understand why the label is not changing though they do change the title.

It might be good to implement this in a way that it can be reused as for other classes we may need similar/same implementations: #7707



sometimes it automatically copies the image title to the image description and vice versa


Are you sure it does it vice versa? I could only reproduce from description to title, not the other way round. And this is on purpose because, if no title is explicitly defined, the description is taken as title. Once you enter data into the title it will not happen anymore. At least this is how it should be and what I could reproduce.
A agree that this is maybe unintuitive. Actually it is because the UI simplifies the underlying data modell. The model distinguishes (multi-language) title, (multi-language) description and 1-languages cached title. What you currently see in the UI is the cached title and the description (with single language support only).
It looks like multi-language support is not yet implemented in the Media details view. Something I also realized some time ago and will discuss with the developers (cc) again. Also explicit distinction of cached title and multi-language is not yet implemented. For Media the latter is not so important because the cached title is usually created only by 1 field: the title, if it exists, otherwise the description if it exists, otherwise the file name (last part of URL) if it exists, otherwise Media uuid.
For Flora of Greece this is not relevant as it supports only 1 language. However, I agree that the behavior is maybe sometimes unexpected and will discuss with the developers how the UI can be improved.


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