feature request #7429

Updated by Andreas Müller over 3 years ago

In #6752 only very basic parsing and formatting functionality has been implemented for verbatimDate. Parsing supports "*realdate* ["*verbatimYear*"]"

For parsing we may want to support further formats like

* ~~"*verbatimDate*" [*realdate*]~~
* ~~*verbatimDate* publ. *realdate*~~
* *verbatimDate* [*realdate*] or the other way round, but this is very critical as it is unclear which data is the real date and which is the verbatim date
* ~~same as all above, but with other quotations marks such as ' or English quotation marks~~

Also we need parsing of verbatim date in NonViralName parser (maybe we should merge these 2 somehow). But be careful to distinguish from original name parsing (a possible original name should not be recognized as a verbatim date).



* decision which format should be the default format => for now we take "verbatimDate" [realdate]
* Allow defining formatting formats => this is a general issue for all format and will not be solved here


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