bug #7453

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker almost 2 years ago

Opening the Registration Workingset for a Registration which is associated with the Section only shows the Registrations which belong to the section. The Registrations of the inReference is missing.
The Registration Workingset of the inReference shows all Registrations.

1. RegistrationWorkingSetService loads only the registrations which are associated with the Reference which is passed.
1. Workingsets for the section and its inReference habe different URIs

~~Therefore Therefore the best solution to this is to resolve the inReference in the UI so that Registrations associated with a Section are linking to the WorkingSet page of the inReference.~~ inReference. This is better than resolving the inReference in the RegistrationWorkingSetService. **For practicability reasons we decided to resolve the inReference in the RegistrationWorkingSetService.** RegistrationWorkingSetService


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