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Updated by Andreas Müller about 1 year ago

Some names do have a second nomenclatural reference (or at least a second reference). This is usually handled as name fact (NameFactCategoryFk = 1).

But sometimes this information is also to be found in some of the notes fields (detail Notes, taxonNotes, nameNotes, ...).

* This information needs to be checked, and in case it is correct moved to the name fact to be imported correctly if not already duplicated there.

* Also the import needs to be adapted to import name facts of cat=1 as either
* original source of type "2nd nom ref" or "also published in" (both do not exist yet) or "nomenclatural reference" or
* name fact of type "also published in" (does not exist yet and name facts will be removed soon)
* extension of type "also published in" (does not exist yet)

Discuss with ERS what the exact semantic is in E+M for this category.

Also published in name facts:

~~~ sql
SELECT n.NameCache, n.FullNameCache, pt.PTRefFk, fact.NameFactId, fact.PTNameFk, fact.NameFact, n.notes, pt.Notes,
fact.NameFactCategoryFk, fact.NameFactRefFk, fact.DoubtfulFlag, fact.PublishFlag,
fact.Created_When, fact.Updated_When, fact.Created_Who, fact.Updated_Who, fact.Notes, fact.NameFactRefDetail
FROM NameFact fact
INNER JOIN Name AS n ON fact.PTNameFk = n.NameId
LEFT OUTER JOIN PTaxon pt ON pt.PTNameFk = fact.PTNameFk AND pt.PTRefFK NOT IN (500000)
WHERE (fact.NameFactCategoryFk = 1)
ORDER BY pt.PTRefFk, n.FullNameCache


* AlsoPublishedIn.xlsx


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