feature request #7345

Updated by Andreas Müller over 1 year ago

In Euro+Med Berlin Model references for common names are handled separately from other references but do link to them (optional). In CDM we do not want to keep them separate but they should be flagged somehow as Common Name references.

There are multiple ways to do so:

* Add a marker "Reference for Common Names" and mark all relevant references with this marker
* Make the list of common name references a CdmPreference and/or a local preference
* Implement on model level by addingt something like supportsXXX for references to indicate in which context a certain reference might be used. Something also discussed for nomenclatural references.

Additionally in Berlin Model the references do have 1 or more languages attached to make them easier searchable(?) in certain contexts. This does not yet exist in CDM. We need to discuss if it is really needed.


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