bug #6389

Updated by Patrick Plitzner over 1 year ago

I added tried adding the following method to IService/ServiceBase. I then invoked it on the taxeditor side in different places. The returned map on the taxeditor side never has the expected size of i but only contains the first half of the entries. On the cdmlib side it is completely filled.

public Map returnMap() {
Map map = new HashMap<>();
for(int i=0;i<10;i++){
map.put(i, i);
return map;

In a quick search in the service methods I only found save methods also returning maps but I am not sure if the return values are used on the taxeditor side.

~~In Campanula production DB search for "India, Sikkim*" in the specimen editor. The type icon for the DerivedUnits seem to be placed randomly every time you search.
After a little investigation I found out that it was due to IOccurrenceService.listTypeDesignations(Collection<DerivedUnit> specimens). The returned collection of SpecimenTypeDesignation is not equal to the one that you could create by iterating through all DerivedUnits and adding the result of DerivedUnit.getSpecimenTypeDesignations().
As this is nevertheless a very resource intensive call just for showing icons I replaced it.
But anyway this should be analyzed.~~


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