task #7269

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker about 2 years ago

The Redmine issue system will be used to establish asynchronous communication between *curator* and *submitters*, which are also referred to as **contributors**.

* All messages are stored in redmine.
* For each registration entity a issue is created in redmine, when even a message needs to be passes to submitter or curator

* The `User` for the contributor is being created as long as it does not exist in redmine.
A comment to the issue will be created for each message
* The user to which the message is dedicated to will be set as *Assignee* and the **Unread flag** **Unread** flag is set to `true` **true**
* Once the user has read the comment **Unread flag** **Unread** flag is set to `false`. **true**
* The status of the issue is synchronized with the `Registration.status`
* Submitter and Contributor will become watchers of the issue so that both can receive email notifications when a new message is posted.


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