task #2342

Updated by Andreas Müller over 1 year ago


Open issues:

* check that all best practices from are included

* investigate why relatedResources do not get into metaData.xml for cichorieae export

* include used vocabularies in metadata.xml

* fix eml.xml (it currently doesn't validate)

* allow more configuration/filtering -> partly handled in #6754

* Check all parameters again

* document problems and configuration

* document/implement missing parameters

* allow higher classification handling -> first implementation: d2f7f487

* remove always empty fields

* ~~~refine progress monitoring~~~ -> #6799

* implement logging that can be used by an Editor user -> first version #6754

* ~~~large exports (split in parts)~~~ -> #6754

* refactor such that metadata is created in the beginning

* during export of cichoriea sometimes a "data too complex for specimen facade" error occurred (strange as we edit and import all data via the facade)

* originalNameUsageId should link to the according concept (if it exists)

* data needs to be consistent: if exporting while data are edited the set of core data needs to be fixed at the beginning

* implement default fields such as the source field in core

* correct handling of references (#7211)

<field default="{ID}" term=""/>
* test if apache commons compress could be useful (

see also #2455 and #2457


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