feature request #7081

Updated by Andreas Müller over 1 year ago

Sometimes names of the same homotypical group do have 2 different type designations which look equal. An example is Mollugo L. and Galiastrum Fabr., nom. superfl. (Caryophyllales) which do both have the name Type Mollugo verticillata L. (the second type designation might have been removed in the meanwhile as it does not look nice in the current dataportal)

Galiastrum has been typified with the same species but this typification took place later (therefore it is a nom. superl.). The typification looks equal as long as no typification reference is added. In such cases the typification should be deduplicated.

In case additional information such as type references (in case of lectotypes and similar) is given, we may add multiple footnotes to the deduplicated type. So still showing only 1 type but with multiple footnotes.

Note: Maybe the exact handling would be to put type designation information to each name. But as this is unusual in publications we shouldn't solve the problem this way.


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