feature request #6870

Updated by Andreas Müller about 2 years ago

A couple of smaller issues with the specimen table has already been fixed in #6816. There are few more.

1. The sort order for the specimen (when opening a single line) should be alphabetical (or any other that makes sense), currently there is no order

1. Alignement: currently the vertical alignement of each cell is centric. This looks not so nice if some cells have 1 line and some cells have 2 lines. E.g. . I suggest that we should have a top alignement.

1. Spacing: though we do not have much space available we should have at least 1 or 2 points spacing (inner margin, don't know what the correct term is), otherwise the text is to close to the border/grid lines which looks not nice

1. If possible it would be great if the width of the cells would be adaptable, either by the user or by automatic computation. In the given example we have many specimen from "El Salvador". With the given fixed width these all break after "El" and use a second line. With a little bit more space they could all go into 1 line. If this is difficult to implement we should copy it to a new ticket.


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