feature request #4305

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker over 3 years ago

Users which only have the authority to create an entity `CREATE` are blocked from changing it afterwards since they miss the `UPDATE` authority. In this situation it is no possible to change typos or to do other minor fine tuning after the new entity has been saved for the first time.

To circumvent this situation of being locked out in the middle of the actual creation process we discussed the following solutions:

**A) continuedCreationTimespan**


Once a 'Editor' has created a new entity it is considered being still in the process of being created for some time even if the entity has already been saved to the database. This means that the Authority `CREATE` implies `UPDATE` as long as

@now - entity.created < continuedCreationTimespan@}

**B) no further referencing object**

The entity stays editable as long as there are only referencing objects for which the **user equals to `createdBy`** and **`updatedBy`** in case this is set.

This solution (B) is not feasible since it would be required to also check the next level referencing objects and so on, in fact it is needed to check the whole tree of referencing objects until the process reaches objects at the tips of the branches which are editable by the user. This solution might be too extensive in terms of computation.


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