bug #6764

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker about 2 years ago

I started jetty from eclipse.


2017-06-28 18:19:40.841:INFO:oejshC.ROOT:main: Initializing Spring root WebApplicationContext

it stopped without giving any warnings or errors on the console.
Only in the logfile I found the the missing datasource was the reason.

This should always be shown on the console, too.


original message from chat:

.... im log stand dann irgendwo

18:08:32,111 ERROR AbstractWebApplicationConfigurer:101 - property {cdm.datasource} not found.
18:08:32,111 ERROR AbstractWebApplicationConfigurer:102 - --> This property can be set in three optional ways:
18:08:32,111 ERROR AbstractWebApplicationConfigurer:103 - --> 1. as attribute to the ServletContext
18:08:32,111 ERROR AbstractWebApplicationConfigurer:104 - --> 2. as system property e.g. -Dcdm.datasource
18:08:32,111 ERROR AbstractWebApplicationConfigurer:105 - --> 3. in ~/.cdmLibrary/
18:08:32,111 ERROR AbstractWebApplicationConfigurer:106 - Stopping application

... hatte ich nicht gesehen, weil auch das falsche Logfile auf. Aber seltsam das auf der Console nichts kommt


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