bug #6728

Updated by Andreas Müller about 3 years ago

How to reproduce:

* Create a taxon with NO secundum set
* Add a secundumg by creating a new generic reference with only title set
* save
* open the refernce again by using the edit button close to "Secundum"
* Add an author (person) by creating a new person with protected title cache "A. Smith"
* close Person edit dialog. (=> Reference author and titleCache show up correctly)
* Edit person again by opening Person edit dialog from Reference edit dialog
* Set titleCache to unprotected and add initials B. and surname Smith => Author in reference still shows "A. Smith", reference titleCache still shows "A. Smith". => INCORRECT
* Reopen author and change initials from "B." to "C." => this time the author label updates correctly, but the reference titleCache is still not updated.

So the author update sometimes works will the reference cache update never works.

IMPORTANT: Generally whenever we open the edit dialog, after closing all caches and related labels in the underlying view or dialog should be updated/synchronized. Please check for other such cases!!


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