feature request #6581

Updated by Andreas Müller over 3 years ago

Currently we have OriginalSource usually used for collections of sources while single references such as nomenclaturalReference or references for relations (or even secundum reference) use 2 fields for defining the reference, the references and the microreference fields. This is generally problematic e.g. when formatting the nomenclatural citation. Also it reduces the possibility to add further information that is available in OriginalSource such as name used in source (could be used for original spelling), source information (currently "name in source"), or further features such as URL(s) that do link to an online version of the source together with a comment (see #xxx).

We may want to handle all these references as OriginalSources. Also this eases the usage of the Reference class as it is not linked from so many places anymore (but therefore OriginalSource is linked more). Also we can easier implement common formatters for sources.
Also this could improve the handling for protologues and similar "proves" for nomenclatural acts or references in general.

Possible candidates are

* nomenclatural reference
* RelationshipBase reference
* TypeDesignation
* Classification
* Secundum reference (?)

Note: We already have the class ReferencedEntityBase which inherits from AnnotatableEntity and is the base class for RelationshipBase and TypeDesignation. This can be kept and the 3 parameters citation, microCitation and originalNameString can be replaced by according OriginalSource fields.


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