bug #6539

Updated by Patrick Plitzner over 2 years ago

There were and still are several problems with the building the taxeditor. Some of them have to do with the switch to Java 8
This ticket should be used to solve them and also collect the information what has been done so far.

**Missing Constraint: Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-1.8**
It seems like this happens because we still build against Eclipse indigo and its osgi plugin cannot handle Java 8 (

Scenarios I tried:

* setting the Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment to 1.7
** fixes the problem but we already make use of Java 8 syntax which then causes the maven compiler to fail.
* Completely deleting Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment
** lets the compiler fail due to Java 1.6 syntax like e.g. <>
* *only for Eclipse workspace*: Removing the old (indigo) osgi plugin from the target platform lets the editor start from the workspace with Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment 1.8

**A zip file cannot include itself**
This happened when increasing the tycho version to 1.0.0

* SOLVED: by deleting `output.. = bin/` from

**Missing requirement ...** ****

* SOLVED: by adding the feature org.eclipse.jdt instead of the plugins (see


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