task #6513

Updated by Andreas Kohlbecker about 6 years ago

Registrations are naturally bundled into working sets by the Reference entity for the related publications. 

 A single publication can encompass several new names and typedesignations. For each of the names and typedesignations an individual identifier and thus a separate registration is needed.  
 For better user experience UX registrations forming a working set should be bundled in the UI in order to reduce redundancy in the visual appearance and in the users efforts to process through the registration workflow. 

 A Registration is indirectly associated with the publication Reference by the following paths along the object graph: 

 Registration -+---> name ---> nomenclaturalReference 
               +---> typeDesignations ---> citation 

 I think it is OK to collect the References using this relationships so that it is not needed to    add a `private Reference publication;` field to the Registration class.  
 The purpose of this ticket is to let you know about the requirement to know about and use the workingsets and to start the discussion if needed.