bug #6412

Updated by Andreas Müller over 5 years ago

There are multiple issues: 

 * If no collecting areas exist the label is still shown together with the following attribute, e.g. "Collecting areas: Locality: W Sumatra, Taram E of Payakumbuh, river Tjampo, 1000 m" all in one line 

 * Altitude, Distance to ground, Distance to water surface shows value "0" if null is stored in the data. Datatype in CDM is currently Double, probably will be BigDecimal in future. 

 * "Gathering time" should be labeled "Gathering date" 

 * "Collectors number" should be labeled "Field number" 

 * Ordering should at least group those attributes together that belong together, such as  
     * Collector and field number (in this direction), primary Collector    (these are all from FieldUnit while the remaining belong to GatheringEvent)  
     * Country, Collecting areas, Locality 
     * ... 
     * Also generally it may make sense to put UUID to the end (not only here) if we want to show it at all 

 As an example see Nepenthes adnata in (see attachement)