feature request #5956

Updated by Andreas Müller almost 5 years ago

successor of #5852

1) remove transparency (needs to be discussed if needed): moved to #6312

2) mobile devices: you mention already that taxon links are tiny, this is true, but an even more critical issue is that the last symbol (if the taxon has children) is very difficult to click on (I tried several times and it always took me at least 5 times until I really touched it). Maybe we can enlarge it somehow. -> #6313

An other issue to become a full replacement of the classification tree is, that browsing is more difficult. To go to an other taxon not being a simpling but e.g. the child of a parent sibling, you first need to click (and load!!) the parent sibling, before you can click the taxon you want to go to. Especially on mobile devices this is a disadvantages as you may need to enlarge the intermediate side first before clicking to the next taxon. Same holds for browsing the tree from top where you have to open each taxon on the path down to the taxon you search for. We should think about ways how to improve this.

3) handle too wide child boxes


Here when browsing the children of Hieracium the scrollbar is not visible anymore if the browser window is not wide enough. This is due to some unparsed names. I wonder if there should be a rule that the vertical scrollbar should always be visible. If not there need to be a horizontal scrollbar. If not the only way to scroll is the mouse wheel.


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