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9771 feature request Resolved Priority13 Implement Cdm2Cdm for vocabularies Andreas Müller 09/22/2023 03:56 PM additivity terms import Actions
9459 task New New REST API tests for UTIS Andreas Müller 09/22/2023 03:47 PM test Actions
6993 task Duplicate New Implement web service tests Andreas Müller 09/22/2023 03:43 PM Actions
6992 task New Priority14 Refactor and modernize REST web service API Andreas Müller 09/22/2023 03:43 PM Actions
10356 task Closed Highest Combine Caryophyllales data portals Andreas Müller 09/22/2023 01:26 PM caryophyllales Actions
10178 feature request In Progress New Implement fuzzy name matching Belen Escobari 09/22/2023 12:08 PM deduplication tettris Actions
10402 bug New New The header of character matrix shows titlecache instead of the label Katja Luther 09/22/2023 08:27 AM additivity matrix Actions
10133 feature request Closed Priority13 Improve ontology state vocabularies Andreas Müller 09/21/2023 03:37 PM additivity terms Actions
10401 bug New Highest Update StatisticalMeasureType labels Andreas Müller 09/21/2023 03:14 PM Actions
10397 bug New New Moving a specimen imported via ABCD to a new taxon does not show the specimen on the new taxon page but on the old one Katja Luther 09/20/2023 01:13 PM specimen abcd specimens-view-table Actions
10400 feature request New New Make taxon-specimen relation for taxon pages configurable in webservice Andreas Müller 09/20/2023 01:11 PM specimen Actions
10394 bug New Highest Details page for derived unit only shows categorical data Katja Luther 09/20/2023 01:02 PM additivity specimen Actions
10382 bug New New Summary ticket for specimen in dataportal Katja Luther 09/20/2023 12:43 PM specimen Actions
10399 bug Duplicate New Map sometimes not shown in portal without tabs Katja Luther 09/20/2023 12:40 PM map image-viewer Actions
10398 feature request New New Make in configurable in ABCD import if identifications should be imported as determinations or individualAssociations or both Katja Luther 09/19/2023 12:36 PM abcd specimen Actions
7084 bug New Priority14 display SpecimenOrObservationBase.preferredStableUri in DataPortal Katja Luther 09/19/2023 12:25 PM phycobank Actions
10393 bug Resolved Highest ABCD Import of specimen added to a taxon included in second classification is not the one of the chosen classification Andreas Müller 09/19/2023 10:25 AM abcd specimen Actions
10396 discussion New New Handle "not endemic" in CDM Andreas Müller 09/18/2023 03:26 PM caucasus Actions
10330 feature request New Highest Handle term tree distribution status for distributionInfo in dataportal Katja Luther 09/16/2023 08:00 PM euro+med Actions
9500 feature request In Progress Highest Allow removing certain distribution status from distribution publication Andreas Müller 09/16/2023 07:59 PM euro+med Actions
10358 bug Closed Priority13 Remove supportsTextData for Characters Andreas Müller 09/16/2023 02:04 PM additivity Actions
10395 feature request New New Allow formatting with or without ex-authors in dataportal Andreas Müller 09/14/2023 07:50 PM formatting Actions
10046 task New Highest Upgrade TaxEditor to java 11 Katja Luther 09/14/2023 11:15 AM 5.32-Remaining Actions
10381 bug Closed Priority13 Orcid truncated in PhycoBank Website Katja Luther 09/08/2023 12:24 PM phycobank Actions
10388 bug New New Entering Start Year of Date in "new Specimen" Dialog does not work for the first key stroke Katja Luther 09/08/2023 11:37 AM Actions
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