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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
6986 EDIT task Rejected Highest 4 animalia lists available for RL Andreas Müller EDIT - Redlist 2020 - Milestones for 2017 and 2018 data redlist Actions
6903 EDIT feature request In Progress Highest Requirements for checklisteditor of the German states Andreas Müller EDIT - Redlist 2020 - Tasks without Milestone cdm-vaadin redlist Actions
6840 EDIT feature request Closed Highest Translate dataportal to German Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal redlist i18n Actions
6808 EDIT bug Closed New New misapplied name details view destroyed old concept relationship details view Katja Luther EDIT - Release 4.9 taxeditor redlist Actions
6802 EDIT bug Closed New Selection of distribution in Vaadin distribution editor does throw LIE Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 4.11 cdm-vaadin redlist Actions
6247 EDIT bug Rejected New Check if concept relationships are correctly implemented in Gefäßpflanzenimport B Andreas Müller EDIT - Redlist 2020 - Milestones for 2016 cdmadapter redlist import Actions
4866 EDIT feature request Closed Highest Implement clone method for complete classifications Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.18 cdmlib redlist Actions
4682 EDIT feature request New Highest [DISCUSS] Do we need an explanation/reason field in RelationBase Andreas Müller EDIT - CDM UML - Next major release cdm redlist Actions
4594 EDIT feature request Closed Highest RL Webservice 7: Return taxa by Identifier Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 4.4 cdmlib-remote redlist Actions

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