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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9725 EDIT bug New New Specimen tree editor: "Link with taxon selection" fails Katja Luther EDIT - Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor mexico_ws mexico Actions
9718 EDIT feature request New Highest add media source external links to IIIF item meta data Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 5.45 cdmlib-remote mexico mexico_ws Actions
9717 EDIT feature request New Highest show media source external links in media gallery and media page Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 5.45 cdm-dataportal mexico mexico_ws Actions
9716 EDIT feature request New New editing of image source external links possible in details editor Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.45 taxeditor mexico_ws mex Actions
8028 EDIT feature request Closed Highest Better representation of web app media in the image gallery Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 5.26 cdm-dataportal mexico_ws mexico media Actions
5581 EDIT bug Closed New Specimen title cache does not show up correctly after editing Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 3.12 - Hotfixes cdmlib mexico_ws Actions
5573 EDIT feature request Closed New Cache Strategy for Media Specimen required Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.23 cdmlib mexico_ws Actions
5554 EDIT feature request Closed Highest Allow parsing of lat/long with different minute/second characters Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 4.6 cdmlib mexico_ws Actions
5517 EDIT bug Worksforme Priority13 Update label for synonym types Katja Luther taxeditor mexico_ws Actions
5485 EDIT bug Duplicate Priority11 h2 database connection fails if datasource view is open Andreas Müller taxeditor mexico_ws h2 Actions
5474 EDIT feature request Closed Highest TermEditor menu should be more structured Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 4.5 taxeditor mexico_ws Actions
2506 EDIT feature request Closed Highest (Type-) Specimens may need status Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.29 cdm mexico_ws eFlora Actions

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