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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
10240 EDIT feature request New New Improve DOI formatting for references Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.39 cdmlib greece print formatting Actions
9979 EDIT bug In Progress Highest Flora Greece shows large images Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.39 cdm-dataportal greece Actions
9379 EDIT bug Closed Highest exclude disabled classifications from advanced taxon search form Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 5.19 cdm-dataportal search greece Actions
9357 EDIT bug New New Advanced search shows selection for all classification even if only 1 classification is available for a dataportal Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 5.41 cdm-dataportal greece search Actions
9007 EDIT bug Closed Priority14 Enable i18n support for media description UI Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.22 taxeditor greece i18n Actions
8934 EDIT task Closed Highest Import new FoG status data Andreas Müller data greece import Actions
7108 EDIT bug Closed New supress unwanted sourcetypes in handle_annotations_and_sources() Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 4.12 cdm-dataportal greece Actions
7093 EDIT bug Worksforme New choosing representation which best fits the available size for taxon profile picture not working in all cases Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal greece Actions
7092 EDIT bug Resolved Highest Adapt dates in Nicks images after mediaCreated became TimePeriod Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.1 data greece fast Actions
7091 EDIT bug Closed New Add uri field and abbreviatedText to Righs in supplemental data Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.21 taxeditor greece Actions
6703 EDIT feature request Closed Highest Improve title handling for media in dataportal Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 4.9 cdm-dataportal greece Actions
6684 EDIT bug Closed Highest Use media representation which best fits the available viewport size for the Image Overlay Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 4.10 cdm-dataportal greece salvador Actions
6683 EDIT bug Closed Highest Use best quality media representation in image viewer on media page Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 4.9 cdm-dataportal greece Actions
6609 EDIT bug New Highest Google Map layers are not working Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Reviewed Next Major Release cdm-dataportal map greece Actions
6608 EDIT bug Closed Highest Setting the 'Bounding box' for the OSM layer no longer works Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 4.9 cdm-dataportal map greece Actions
6286 EDIT task Resolved Highest Import Flora Hellenica Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 4.9 cdmadapter import greece Actions

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