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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
10264 EDIT bug New New Update details view and referencing objects view after deduplication Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.40 taxeditor deduplication Actions
10178 EDIT feature request In Progress New Implement fuzzy name matching Belen Escobari EDIT - Release 5.39 cdmlib deduplication tettris Actions
9905 EDIT bug Closed Highest Parser is slow for names with authorteams Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.30 cdmlib parser deduplication euro+med Actions
9890 EDIT task Closed New Move importDeduplicationHelper to import state Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.29 cdmadapter import deduplication Actions
9647 EDIT feature request Closed New After deduplication the remaining record should get the focus in bulk editor Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.25 taxeditor deduplication fast Actions
9085 EDIT feature request Closed Highest Improve deduplication of parsed names Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.16 cdmlib parser deduplication Actions
9082 EDIT task Closed Highest Update script for old empty Partials handling Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.18 data deduplication Actions
8857 EDIT bug Closed Highest NonUniqueObjectException when creating new taxon Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.15 taxeditor deduplication Actions
7080 EDIT bug Closed Highest Fix matching for empty time periods Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 4.12 cdmlib deduplication Actions
6890 EDIT feature request New New Deduplicate supplemental data during deduplication Andreas Müller EDIT - Unassigned CDM tickets cdmlib deduplication Actions

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