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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
10396 EDIT discussion New New Handle "not endemic" in CDM Andreas Müller EDIT - CDM UML 5.41 cdm caucasus Actions
10387 EDIT feature request New Highest Show transliteration of common name in dataportal Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.41 cdm-dataportal i18n caucasus Actions
10386 EDIT feature request Closed Highest Add transliteration to common names in taxeditor Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.40 taxeditor caucasus Actions
10385 EDIT feature request Closed Priority13 Add transliteration field to common names Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.40 cdm caucasus Actions
10324 EDIT task In Progress Highest Export Caucasus data Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.41 cdmadapter export caucasus euro+med Actions
10239 EDIT task New New Caucasus databases and portals available Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.42 platform caucasus euro+med Actions
10236 EDIT task Discussed Highest Import data from caucasus DB to E+M Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.42 data euro+med caucasus Actions
9197 EDIT feature request Discussed Highest Handle caucasus conspectus data in E+M and caucasus portal Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.42 cdmlib euro+med caucasus map Actions
7921 EDIT task Closed Highest Create database for Caucasus distribution editing Andreas Müller cdmadapter euro+med caucasus Actions
5807 EDIT feature request New Highest implement sub-distribution area inclusion in TaxonService.findTaxaAndNamesByFullText() Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.42 cdmlib-remote caucasus euro+med search Actions

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