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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
7445 EDIT bug Closed Priority10 Empty term uri and isoXXX fields should be null Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.1 cdmlib Actions
4915 EDIT bug Closed Priority10 Abbrev title for person should never be orange Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 3.12 taxeditor Actions
4773 EDIT bug Worksforme Priority10 Lampranthus throws IndexOutOfRange exception Andreas Müller cdmlib Actions
5284 EDIT bug Duplicate Priority12 [UML] Replace Scope by DefinedTerm in PolytomousKey UML Andreas Müller cdm Actions
4821 EDIT bug Closed Priority12 Changing order of terms not possible Katja Luther EDIT - Release 3.12 taxeditor Actions
7823 EDIT bug Closed Priority12 User Persons are not deduplicated Andreas Müller EDIT - Euro+Med Migration cdmadapter euro+med Actions
4944 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 "Protected" indication for references needs to be improved Katja Luther EDIT - Release 3.12 taxeditor Actions
5517 EDIT bug Worksforme Priority13 Update label for synonym types Katja Luther taxeditor mexico_ws Actions
1815 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 setInReference needs to reset the title cache Katja Luther EDIT - Release 4.1 cdmlib Actions
5684 EDIT bug Worksforme Priority13 NPE when trying to move a presence-absence term within the vocabulary Andreas Müller taxeditor Actions
8784 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 Deleting a specimen description not possible Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.13 taxeditor additivity Actions
4573 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 Handle duplicate username, group or grantedAuthority correctly Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.3 taxeditor Actions
3161 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 Term Editors are no singletons Patrick Plitzner EDIT - Release 5.0 taxeditor Actions
6318 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 Truncate TextData in FactualData View Patrick Plitzner EDIT - Release 5.0 taxeditor salvador Actions
4957 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 MS SQL Server not functional as it does not allow more than 2100 parameters Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 4.12 cdmlib Actions
5040 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 Allow transmission engine webservice to define area level Andreas Kohlbecker EDIT - Release 3.8 cdmlib-remote transmission-engine-distribution Actions
3658 EDIT bug Closed Priority13 Update Nomenclatural code for datasources Andreas Müller EDIT - CDM UML 4.1 cdm Actions
10198 EDIT bug Closed Priority14 Termremoval for OrderedTermVocabularies does not work correctly due to incorrect compareTo and orderIndex decrement Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.35 cdmlib terms Actions
10135 EDIT bug Closed Priority14 Created_by and when is missing for User and Group Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.33 taxeditor fast Actions
5823 EDIT bug Worksforme Priority14 Fehler beim parallel Editieren von Referenzen Katja Luther taxeditor multiple-representations-problem Actions
9007 EDIT bug Closed Priority14 Enable i18n support for media description UI Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.22 taxeditor greece i18n Actions
10089 EDIT bug Closed Priority14 Order TypeDesignationSetContainer by status type Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.32 cdmlib formatting cdmlight Actions
10090 EDIT bug Closed Priority14 Many LIEs in cdmserver log for Team.getCollectorTitleCache() Andreas Müller EDIT - Release 5.32 cdmlib Actions
10039 EDIT bug Closed Priority14 The specimen table tree shows missing date parts as "?" Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.32 cdm-dataportal fast Actions
5132 EDIT bug Worksforme Priority14 Remove EDITor documentation from web Katja Luther EDIT - Release 5.31 taxeditor documentation Actions
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